EscAPE XF2 Plus Porch Extension Groundsheet


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A full super-size PVC groundsheet specifically designed for use with the Escape XF2 and XF2 Plus porch extension system – provides an extra layer of waterproof protection underneath the XF2 bivvy and covers the ground below the XF2 Plus porch extension, ideal for keeping the sewn in groundsheet of the XF2 bivvy in tip top condition and providing protection for any valuable belongings stored inside the XF2 Plus porch extension from becoming damp or soiled if stored directly on the floor.
Compatible with XF2 Compact and XF2 Standard

Heavy duty waterproof PVC

Reinforced pegging points

Heavy duty pegs and carry bag included
Dimensions: W2400mm x D4400mm

Dimensions folded: L400mm x W400mm x D50mm

Weight including all accessories: 5kg